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In 1956 John Day, an ex-pat Australian living in London, was part of a group of investors who started an innovative record marketing system known as the World Record Club (WRC). With the London arm of WRC quickly proving a success, Terence Creswell-George was employed to establish an Australian outpost, returning in 1957. Creswell-George appointed his former colleague, Geoff Digby, as the new company’s first art director, a decision which would prove to be a masterstroke. The astute and visionary Digby built a formidable roster for the WRC, employing many of Australian graphic design’s iconic names. The WRC designers developed a distinctive approach using simple typography and bold imagery, a combination that became the organisation’s signature and gained international renown. All told, approximately 2000 covers were produced by the local arm of the World Record Club, a fact that explains their ubiquitous presence in second hand shops across Australia even today.