Re:collection was established in 2009 by Dominic Hofstede as an online archive of Australian graphic design, with a focus on work created between the years 1960–1990. The project was created primarily to address the scarcity of reference material available related to this most significant period for the profession. The passing of Les Mason late in 2009 highlighted the need for such a resource. Mason was arguably our industry’s most significant individual, and yet evidence of his work and career was virtually non-existent in the public domain. We believed, and still do, that this work deserves a platform by which it can inform and enrich other designers, both locally and globally.

More recently, the project’s scope and emphasis have evolved to reflect the following key objectives:

  • To investigate the evolution and maturation of Australia’s graphic design industry during this key period
  • To document and distribute the findings in both digital and printed forms
  • To create an ongoing resource for educational, historical and scholarly analysis for teachers, students, researchers and designers
  • To raise the awareness of Australian graphic design locally and abroad
  • To assist in developing self-awareness, and a culture of historical perspective for Australian graphic designers
  • To uncover and reveal the work and careers of significant individuals from the period.


The content on this site is intended for personal, educational and non-commercial purposes such as teaching, research, evaluation and commentary. Where possible, aknowledgment to the original author/publisher/artist is provided. We welcome any corrections or additions from relevant parties, and we place no claim of copyright over any of the content on this site, excluding our own work. If you are the original copyright owner of any content displayed on this site, and object to its use, please contact us and it will be removed.


Dominic Hofstede began Re:collection as a personal project in 2009. In 2014 he was joined by Warren Taylor and Paul Mylecharane as key members of the Re:collection ‘collective’. Many others have contributed to the project in a myriad of ways, most significantly type designer Vincent Chan and Anthony, Matt & Paul at Public Office. Re:collection is primarily a self-funded exercise, with additional generous support provided by Monash Art Design & Architecture [MADA]. Dominic Hofstede is an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at Monash University.

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