Alison Hulett was a principal of EKH Design; a Sydney-based design practice which grew to prominence in the in the late 1980s.

Born and raised in Scotland before arriving in Australia (via a stint in New Zealand), Alison studied visual communication at Sydney College of the Arts. Here she met Anna Eymont, a part-time lecturer at the college who offered her a position as the first employee of the then fledgling Eymont Design, at $5 an hour. Alison’s rise from the rank of Rotring pen-cleaner and Letraset burnisher to co-owner/director of EKH Design within a few years says much about her ability.

Myriam Kin-Yee, the other partner in Eymont Kin-Yee Hulett (EKH), said of the trio’s unique relationship: “Anna , Alison and I were what I would describe as the ‘dream team’,” she adds. “We each had our own strengths in different areas of design and so we totally complemented one another.”

EKH flourished, becoming known as one of Australia’s leading design companies in the areas of corporate branding and marketing solutions, developing the identities of such prominent companies as Solution 6, Star City, Optus Communication and OPSM.

In 2003, EKH acquired The Branding House, changing its name to EKH Branding House. Eventually the business would fall under the giant STW Group umbrella, changing its name again to Yello, and, finally, merging with NZ firm Designworks.

Hulett is strongly committed to the principles of corporate and social responsibility and social and environmental sustainability. She has been selected to join the Sydney Leadership program and is a member of the Australian Corporate Citizen Association.