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Wildlife in Suburbia
Barry Humphries
Design: Max Robinson
Date: 1958

Wildlife in Suburbia was Barry Humphries first commercial recording with sleeve designed by Max Robinson incorporating a photograph by Gerry Vandenberg. The 7-inch record, issued by the Score label in Melbourne, features the first appearance of Humphries character Sandy Stone and the emergence of Edna Everage on ‘The Migrant Hostess’. In his liner notes, Australian architect and author Robin Boyd observes that Humphries “has the modern Australian way-of-life stretched out and pinned down with needles. He has us taped in killing caricature: our accent, intonation, vocabulary (“had a bit of strife parking the vehicle”), the shattered syntax, the activities, accessories, diet—and through it all the ghastly proprieties, the crazily clumsy genteelness of brick-area suburbia.”