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Art Direction: Robert Rosetzky
Design: Robert Rosetzky & Tony Palmer
Studio: Robert Rosetkzy Design
Date: 1986

The commission for the eftops (electronic-funds-transfer-point-of-sale) logo came to the studio at Robert Rosetkzy Design in the mid 1980s, when most of the staff had little clue as to what the logo was promoting. Tony Palmer was handed the task of putting together the initial sketches: “This was my first design job, and I was a pretty vague twenty-four year old who knew nothing about banking, and only just a little bit more than nothing about design. So, when I took my work back to Robert he discarded most of it on to the floor and took only a single tracing of some Helvetica letter forms I had roughly piled together. He then placed a new sheet of bank paper over my drawing and proceeded to draw-out a dozen or so variations. He worked at great pace through a series of iterations: slanting the characters; thickening the strokes; rounding hard edges; and aligning the cross-bar of the ‘t’ with the ‘p’. Watching him do this was really quite remarkable. He was at his best when he did this kind of thing.”